Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording - more than an eye-catcher

... but a visual anchor, a tool for interaction, a memory to touch. Graphic recordings create added value: by visualizing information that stays in people's minds, paper and digitally for days and weeks after the event (click here business cases). And that's what events are for, aren’t they?


Video - your message speaks

A picture says more than 1,000 words - and if the picture moves as whiteboard video or dances as GIF, they will play in a whole different league. Together with the CGI animators Raoul Wilken and Manoel Altenau as well as selected copywriters and voice talents, we provide a complete package of consulting, storyboard, speaker selection and briefing, animation, sound design and rights of use.

Visuelle Konzepte

Visual concepts - reach your goals in the digital space

It doesn't matter whether there’s a change ahead, you need to find your mission and vision, define and implement goals, strengthen the sense of togetherness or overcome resistance, or maybe you just want to make a long meeting interesting and fruitful. Visually and virtually we can get everyone on board!


Patient / Consumer Journey - really get to know the customers

PR agencies and marketing departments cannot do without: the customer journey, on which we accompany a persona, representing the target group, in their world from one touchpoint to the next. And now imagine the journey happening live before your eyes!

Digital Recording

Digital Recording - wow effect instead of zoom fatigue

Who doesn't know it - screen fatigue? What a pity, when the speaker has the most exciting content, the presentation has the most beautiful flow, and the participants start the meeting full of vigour… but in the end no one is listening. A graphic recording draws attention along your digital event and enhances your follow-up contact, social media presence or follow-up reporting.


Process-, strategy images and mechanisms of action - clarify the how and why

For example, think of the unique mode of action of a drug. Or new software or hardware that needs to be introduced and communicated. Why are we doing things this way now and not differently, and how will we get there in the future? What are the advantages of a new drug?


Workshops - create something new together

Do you want team building, entertainment and knowledge transfer? Why not draw your claim, USP or new strategy together? Or a team mascot? Going new, creative paths, having fun and creating a common understanding - all this is possible: Visually!


Illustration - Likeable characters and storytelling

Sometimes it has to be a mascot to tell your story! Maybe your product as a character? Or are you looking for a character for your website that bears a resemblance to your real image?


Scientific illustration - a heart and an eye for the complex!

Clinical Studies and papers are my secret passion! I'm positive that publications with beautiful pictures are cited more often, but that's just an observation, not a validated finding :) Do you want your presentation, your poster or your paper to be convincing not only in terms of content, but also visually?

Visuelle Kernbotschaften

Visualized core messages - image metaphors at your service

Effective messages surprise, may be ambiguous and make you think, especially when tailored to your target audience.


Think tank - brilliant ideas for your campaign

Are you still missing the last trick, the icing on the cake, or the central idea that holds everything together? No matter whether it's an action at your exhibition stand or a large chalk picture in the middle of the city - with the right materials and good preparation we can turn any surface into a canvas!


Lettering - beautiful letters as part of the big picture

Beautiful menues, wall chalk pictures, individualized giveaways for workshop participants, wedding guests or influencers: letters have taken me to a wide variety of places.

Visualizations tailor-made for you! Feel free to call me: +49 (0)176 622 47526

Tell me about your specific topic - together we’ll find a solution especially for you or your clients’ needs. I am also very happy to come over or give you a remote insight into my portfolio!