About me

I'm Kathe Büttner, graduate biologist with a focus on immunology, virology, cell biology and biotechnology and 7 years PR consultant for the healthcare industry. Today graphic recorder for patient organizations, medical societies and pharmaceuticals, but also for large and medium-sized companies on the stepping stone into the digital age.


I have been working with agencies and companies as a freelance graphic recorder and facilitator since 2018. I share most of the public works here. Many orders are protected by the Medicines Advertising Act or are confidential, so I'm going to go into different formats here in general, such as my hobbyhorse, graphic recording. However, I have already been able to implement many other formats, ranging from scientific illustration, animated graphics and large strategy images to moderated workshops.


I am particularly proud of our vizthink-Meetups, which I have been organizing together with Silke Ritter, Elise Crespin and Markus Mattern since 2018 (feel free to come along, participation is free :)) Since the end of 2020 I have also been a proud member of the organizational team of the Sketchnote-Barcamps Germany and now also the WissVibes Barcamp. Here you can find events that I help organize or would like to recommend.

Public Relations and Graphics for Pharma

In the 7 years as a PR consultant in the healthcare sector, I have always been keen on the visual jobs: graphic recordings at specialist press conferences and road shows, explanatory videos, storyboards, patient and customer journeys, website mockups, personas and illustration, design PowerPoints or the visual preparation of pitch concepts were among my favorite tasks, but of course I also did classic project management, was responsible for the budget, organized press conferences and wrote specialist articles.

Above all, it was about communication with doctors, field staff or patients or patient organizations, for oncology, haematology, medical technology, orthopedics, nutrition, for generics, OTC but above all prescription drugs.

About microorganisms, the immune system and the production of medicines.

Before working as a PR consultant and graphic recorder, I studied biology (diploma) in Frankfurt, London and Aachen with a focus on cell biology, immunology, virology and molecular biotechnology. During my studies I did research in the fields of virology, rheumatology and cardiovascular regeneration (microRNAs).


I accompany the Young Adults with Cancer Foundation visually at congresses such as the DGHO and the DKK and their website.

Katherina Büttner

Further training in the field of graphic recording and visualization


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* Disclaimer: I try to be inclusive of all people with my language on this website. So I decided to change all the texts. Where neutral terms or nouns are not possible, I use the underscore, which I believe is screen reader friendly. I'm happy about hints and suggestions if I don't succeed in inclusion somewhere - for me it's a learning process. Thanks to Martin Schienbein, who opened my eyes to many barriers.