business cases

Graphic recording using the example of a press conference (analogue)

Before Corona, a perennial favorite for me as a former PR consultant in the healthcare sector (since and during Corona it has been the digital format). I do a lot of pre-reading on the topic, the dates and the competition to make sure I get the numbers right on the screen (thanks to all the amazing agencies out there for the perfect briefings!).

Graphic recordings at congresses, trade fairs or conferences (analogue)

In addition to the classic advantages of graphic recording for standalone or one-day events, graphic recording has the advantage that the images and thus the messages can be transmitted across space and time.

Graphic recordings at workshops, world cafés and other interactive formats (analogue)

Interactive formats are a special challenge for me as a recorder because I have to have my ears everywhere. But with the right planning, you can do that!

Graphic recordings at online meetups, workshops and conferences

Just like with analogue recordings, the placement of the recording in the digital space and in the program requires some thought.

Creative session as edutainment - analogue or digital

A new claim, a new motto - not simply communicated, no, but visualized and internalized by the employees! As part of a 2-day training course, I was able to guide the employees of this client through the basics of visual thinking…

Here is my impulse at Yuri Malishenko's vizthink Copenhagen

And here for the animal drawing tutorial on Ben Felis' YouTube channel

A living document in the context of digital transformation - analogue

I was able to implement a wonderful example of cooperation, change and a sense of togetherness
with the IHK Offenbach. A mural was desired that represented all the new and changing areas of
responsibility in the organization and also picked up the employees.

Explain complex things and attract attention: with an explanatory video

A video is the perfect solution to package complex and extensive content in an entertaining way.
This is also the challenge with the explanatory video on NMOSD.

Stark mit NMOSD

The video with a lot of information about the disease can be found on the Strong with NMOSD page. We often implement internal, confidential or HWG-protected content and can therefore only share a selection of the resulting videos here:

Another example for an explainatory video is the “Management Potential Analyse” for Rochus Mummert (in German)

More visibility (and citations) for science

A speaker whose lecture I had recorded once said to me: I need you for all my lectures! That would be a hit at congresses! - Another then said: Could you imagine doing a visualization of my paper? Surely it will be quoted more often then!

Chalk pictures for the coffee house charm

Every now and then I embellish empty spaces in coffee houses in the region or write panel pictures - why not also at the coffee stand of your exhibition stand? Find examples of menu cards, café embellishments and displays - and feel free to contact us here for further design ideas with chalk.


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